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Metabolic Metaphysics
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Star Larvae
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Space Brains

The Star Larvae HypothesisAstrotheology
Nature's Plan for Humankind
Part 1. Metabolic Metaphysics


This page collects videos embedded in the Star Larvae site with links to the pages on which they appear.

The concept of symbiosis can be abstracted further to include all social behaviors, as forms of intraspecific symbiosis. Microbiologist Bonnie Bassler describes symbiotic/social behaviors among bacteria and the chemical signaling involved. From Symbiosis


Metabolisms are stellar/nucler and biological/chemical. From The Stellar Organism


Tiny animals called Tardigrades survive the vacuum of outer space and extremes of radiation, pressure and temperature, even though these conditions have had no opportunity to exert selection pressures on the creatures so as to shape their evolution—if in fact these odd little critters are natives of Earth. From Panspermia


Overview of quantum tunneling with reference to stellar nucleosynthesis. From Quantum Gravity and the Physics of Consciousness

Philosopher John Searle defends quantum consciousness, philosophically. From Quantum Gravity and the Physics of Consciousness


Author and entrepreneur Gregory Sams argues for a conscious sun. From Quantum Gravity and the Physics of Consciousness


Recentl space colony design. From Space Migration

Watch the space station commander drift and tumble from place to place. Then imagine babies born into this environment, living their lives and growing into adults there. Developing in an omnidirectional world, their brains will be wired fundamentally differently—much more complexly—than those of their terrestrial counterparts. Sensorimotor feedback drives the complexity of neural circuitry, and weightlessness expands the potential complexity of sensorimotor feedback. Weightlessness is an evolutionary trigger, the mutagen that turns hominids into angels. From Neuroplasticity and the Enrichments of Weightlessness.


Lucid dreaming in the news. From Lucid Dreams, the Great Awakening

Nested virtual realities. FromOmnipresent Virtualities

Timothy Leary and collaborator Robert Anton Wilson worked out numerous correspondences between Leary's eight-circuit model of developmental psychology and astrology, tarot, the yogic chakra system, Jungian archetypes and other esoteric systems of psychical energy dynamics and taxonomy. From Exo-Psychology Revisited

The peculiarities surrounding 911 serve as paranoid steroids for conspiracy enthusiasts. Whatever the merits of the evidence and arguments of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and similar groups, the 911 material is the fruit of one branch of the grand conspiratorial family tree. From The Sociobiology of The New World Order (and the Conspiracy of Sociobiology)

In this video, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones concludes his assessment of the power elite's eugenics campaigns by raising the specter of an elite flight from Earth, involving immortal transhumanists. (For all his ingenuity in connecting the dots, Jones fails to note that transhuman [or post-human] immortality in Heaven is also the central theme and promise of the Christian faith to which he says he subscribes.) From The Sociobiology of The New World Order (and the Conspiracy of Sociobiology)


The Star Larvae Hypothesis:

Stars constitute a genus of organism. The stellar life cycle includes a larval phase. Biological life constitutes the larval phase of the stellar life cycle.

Elaboration: The hypothesis presents a teleological model of nature, in which    


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